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22nd - 29th September 2009

We concentrated our efforts in the workshop for the last few working days of September.

While Richard examined the screens from the winnower to see how they could be repaired most of the team were working on getting the Smith Baker and Wilson lathe up and running or on cleaning up parts of the Bamfords Quick Mill.

There is still quite a long way to go before the rolling mill is ready for a trial run but the work on the lathe and its Dennis engine is nearing completion.

All the drive belts were in place, and the engine reasonablt secure in its cradle so we gave it a try.It proved to be much easier to start the engine if it is not connected to the lathe but we did get it running and everything turns over happily. It even turns the right way!

We need to sort out a throttle control for the engine and some form of emergency stop that can be operated from by the lathe but we are content with the progress so far.

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