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Shelsley Water Mill Blog

Volunteers meet every Tuesday to look after the day-to-day maintenance of the mill and prepare for open days. Blogs are now only added when something special is happening.

Weather Update

Wet weather forces a change to Hillclimb events at Shelsley Walsh. Different parking arrangements for this year's National Mills Weekend. Parking for the mill will be in the orchard by the drive to St Andrews CHurch. Access to the mill will be through the hillclimb paddock.

National Mills Weekend

All about our participation in National Mills Weekend

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Change of date for the AGM 2017

A change to the Annual General Meeting

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Notice of the Annual General Meeting

Notice of the Society's Annual General Meeting for 2017

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What are the opening times for Shelsley Watermill

What are the opening times for Shelsley Watermill and can we book a visit?

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Ready for Summer

After some repair work we are all ready for summer and the Mills OPen Weekend.

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Rats, Rain and Rot

We have a varied few months with rats, a lack of rain and some rot to contend with.

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Colin Baker R.I.P.

Founder member and trustee Colin Baker died on 23rd June 2011 after a short illness.

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Milling Drama

We suffer a milling drama as we prepare for National Mills Weekebd.

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Watermill in Winter

A look at what has been happening at Shelsley Watermill through this winter.

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