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Woodwork - Watermill Blog
1st - 13th October2009

The focus seems to have shifted to woodwork at the beginning of October, although work continues on the restoration of the Bamford mill.

Richard gave the big lathe a try out, finishing the new roller that he started on the treadle lathe. Woodturning is much easier to do when you don't have to pedal all the time.

With the roller turned to its finished shape it only remained to cut the ratchet teeth. This job took the best part of a full day with a small coping saw but the finished result is a good match for the worm-eaten original.

The other timber related job was the construction of a small gate to go across the steps down to the waterwheel.

Kim and Jim worked together to produce this gate to replace the chain that has guarded the waterwheel up until now.

The design echoed the gates at the road entrance but this gate is made in oak as Kim had some suitable timber to hand. The result looks pretty good but is quite a lot heavier than its larger brethren at the top of the steps.

Once we have got this gate hung we can worry a little less about small people getting too close to the waterwheel.

The Bamford mill is being re-assembled and we have got to the stage were we must continue the work in the  achine's final location as it will soon be too heavy to move easily. Dick has also put the old hand-operated pillar drill back together apart from its flywheel.

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