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We need you to support us. The Society is a registered charity and depended entirely on donations to carry out the restoration of Shelsley Watermill and still needs to fund the on-going maintenance of the mill.

The majority of the work on the mill is being done by a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers but there are some tasks that we cannot undertake ourselves and we have to pay to have done.

From time to time we make appeals for donations in kind and we have been lucky to have received building materials both new and recovered. Other donors have given the Society free use of equipment, either at the mill or at industrial sites. We are grateful for all these donations and would like to thank all our donors.

Not all expenses can be met by donations in kind and the Society always seems to be short of money. As we are a charity, registered as such in the United Kingdom, we can claim tax relief on donations made by UK taxpayers. This Gift Aid enables the Society to recover the Income Tax paid by the donor on his or her donation and increases the value of that donation by 25%. 

If you would rather use traditional methods of payment donations can be sent to Shelsley Watermill Society, Midland Automobile Club, Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, Worcester, WR6 6RP


John Stinton, for all his help and advice.

John Hall (West Midland Fasteners), for the supply of nuts, bolts, washers, etc.

Malcolm Dudley (Miracom Conveyors Ltd.), for his help in supplying new buckets and backplates for the waterwheel.

Keith Squires, for providing us with a replacement bearing for the waterwheel, and for repairing the original front door lock.

Brian Dixon, for supplying a considerable quantity of coping bricks and making a supply of wooden cogs.

R D Turner Charitable Trust, for their grant.

Jeremy Brewster of Brewster Mudie Ltd  for manufacturing new bearings for the PTO shaft.

Purbright Castings Ltd. for the manufacture and donation of a cast iron bevel gear

And all those who have made donations or given their time.

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