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Watermill Blog -  Line Shaft
2nd October 2008

A good sized team met this morning in bright sunshine that was quite warm if you stayed out of the wind.

Regular readers of this watermill blog will not be surprised to learn that more limewash was applied. Bob and Max tackled the walls on the top floor of the mill and Richard did a bit more in the stable.

Finton took on an even wetter task, working inside the culvert to remove a partial blockage that we have been aware of since we first started the whole project.

None of us have been very keen on working inside the culvert until now but the cramped conditions hold no fears for Finton, although he did check out the spiders carefully.

He brought out a good barrow load of bricks and rubble and reports that the blockage is now much reduced. The webmaster had left his wellies at home, so no pictures from inside the culvert though.

Jonathan worked to complete the curved retaining wall outside the bottom door of the mill, assisted by John. This just needs coping bricks on top and it will be finished.

Headley, Colin and Martyn worked on the lineshaft, setting bearings in place.

In Headley's case this was the end bearing for the PTO shaft that is mounted in the end wall of the stable.This bearing just needed some minor work and refitting but it is a tight spot to get at.

Headley had to work in the pit reaching through the pulley to get at the bearing but he made good progress.

Colin and Martyn got one bearing fixed in place in the opening in the end wall of the hay-loft and got most of the way to fixing a second on the first wall bracket.

The fixing bolts are unusual, sitting in sockets in the wall bracket and held captive by a key. The picture on the left should give you an idea of how they work.

Once the line shaft is secure in its bearing we will be able to fit a pulley on the protruding end and think about belting. When we get that far you will be able to read about it on this watermill blog.

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