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7th October 2008

Today started wet and windy and settled down to just windy with occasional glimpses of sunshine. Martyn, Colin, John, Kim, Dick, Jonathan, Bob and Richard  made up the day's team and soon split up to various jobs.

Bob, John and Richard spent the morning slapping limewash on various walls. Unexciting work but it is getting done slowly.

Dick fitted three handles to the sack hoist stop rope and then set about making a safety device to prevent accidental starting of the sack hoist.

Jonathan found some small indoor bricklaying jobs to do, keeping quietly to himself.

All very routine stuff, cheered up at coffee break by a box of rock cakes sent along by Drene

Martyn, Colin and Kim spent the morning installing another line shaft bracket inside the hayloft and mounting bearing blocks on it.

This entailed a lot of discussion and measuring to check how much line shafting we actually have available and where machines can be sited.

By lunchtime the first section of line shaft was mounted in bearings and talk turned to the next problem. How to lift the drive pulley up the outside of the hayloft and fit it on the outer end of the shaft.

The pulley was secured in place and a yet another length of rope was routed round the drive pulley on the PTO shaft and the newly installed pulley to give us a measurement for the belt needed.

This was another major step towards getting the waterwheel to drive the old machinery, something that we think is as interesting as being able to grind grain.

We all went home cheerful and full of rock cakes as well.

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