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Watermill Blog -  The Last Window
8th July 2008

This Tuesday's team had an excellent day and this watermill blog has two job completions to report.

pegging cogs

Colin spent the day pegging the wooden cogs into the crownwheel. Each cog is held in place with a square cut nail tapped part way in.

The fruit wood cogs are extremely tough and it was no easy task, but he finished just before it was time to tidy up for the day.

Richard also finished a job that he started several months ago. The last of the windows is now repaired and back in its frame.

last window

In fact it was fixed in time for Kim to apply a lick of undercoat before the glazing is done.

All the windows have now been repaired or replaced, which completes the external work on the building. Only final painting remains to be done.

Inside the mill the great spur gear still needs a lot doing to it. Kim spent most of the day digging out the remains of the wooden cogs, a dusty unrewarding task that he was only to happy to leave to do a bit of painting.

A great deal of the painting is being done by Bob who is quite happy as long as he doesn't have to go up a ladder. Fortunately most of the woodwork is accessible from ground level.

another step

John and Jonathan built a brick step at the top of the existing flight, extending the path towards the roadway.

It looked as though Jonathan did most of the work while John stood back and acted as instructor, at least that is what it looked like every time the webmaster wandered past.

To round off this watermill blog we can also report that the mill attracted a lot of interest last Sunday when the MAC held their annual Vintage Hillclimb with the VSCC. The mill was run at lunchtime and again after competition had finished. Certainly some of the younger spectators went away knowing that renewable energy is not a new idea.

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