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Watermill Blog -  Wooden Cogs
3rd July 2008

Our watermill blog has some good progress to report today, with several jobs moving forward.

crown wheel

In spite of a number of distractions Colin and John managed to almost complete fitting the crown wheel with a complete new set of of wooden cogs, to give the teeth their correct name.

The teeth are all made from fruit wood by MAC member Brian Dixon, who also supplied the wood.

The crown wheel drives the sack hoist windlass and this is also in the final stages of repair. Dick spent most of the day securing the pinion on the shaft, making sure it was concentric. We will probably refit it next week unless we hit any unforeseen snags.

PTO bevel gear

Headley also managed to finish fixing the PTO bevel gear to its shaft. He had similar concerns about making sure the gear was true on the shaft as it is held in place by wedges as well.

We now have newly cast bearing blocks for the middle bearings of the PTO shaft but they need some machining before we can install them. The work is in hand, so we will have to be patient.

Most of the day was sunny, with only occasional showers, so Jonathan was given the task of dredging the tailrace and the culvert downstream. He managed to remove a fair amount of silt and seemed to enjoy exploring the culvert.

new look

Richard continued repairing casements, finishing open window and making a good start on the last one. Max and John dug and poured concrete for the footings of another step on the path to the front gate.

Martyn managed to get the finish coat of paint on the south gable end window and the mill is taking on a new look. Its a long way from the neglected building that we took over in 2006.

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