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Root Shredder - Watermill Blog
9th December 2008

Sub-zero temperatures made for interesting driving to Shelsley Watermill this morning but a team of seven, eventually eight, did arrive and got to work.

After our success with the PTO shaft and the chaff cutter several of the team worked on the dismantled root shredder.

Parts were taken outside and given a thorough wire brushing followed by a coat of primer.

In the foreground of the picture you can see Martyn working on the main shaft and shredder plate. Colin and Headley are just visible in the background with some painted components.

Jonathan tried to bit a little more bricklaying in spite of the frost but John left the bricks alone and did a few odd jobs aided by Bob.

Headley also spent some time cutting flat steel to lengths that he could get in his car to take home and make up into more gratings.

Richard and Jim worked together on the parts to feed grain into the millstones.

The grain hopper is on hold while we wait for some new timber to dry out so work concentrated on the shoe.

This basically four pieces of wood, nailed together. However each piece is tapered in at least two directions, three in the case of the base. This means that quite a lot of thought goes into cutting each part. The base and the sides are now made and fixed together with only the end board still to make. The picture shows the worm eaten original on the left with the copy (so far) on the right

Cold and failing light meant that we packed up before 4:00 p.m. but it was a useful day.

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