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Bonfire Time - Watermill Blog
11th December 2008

Cold and damp, perfect weather for a bonfire. All the prunings from Derek and Tony's landscape work, along with some builder's rubbish went up in smoke today.

The rest of the team were only too pleased to have a source of warmth as it felt much colder than the thermometer was showing.

The team was quite large today, with ten of us in total. Richard did a bit more woodwork, bringing the grain shoe a bit closer to completion. John D and Bob did their best to find jobs to do but couldn't avoid doing yet more limewashing.

Jonathan did a bit of interior brickwork around the slit windows in the north wall of the stable.

The others, Colin, Kim, Max and John N worked on the parts of the root-shredder.

All the puddles were frozen and most of the team needed several layers of clothing to keep warm but John N seems to have antifreeze in his blood.

As you can see in the picture he finds a short sleeved shirt enough to keep the cold out!

With four people working there was some good progress with several major components being cleaned and given a coat of primer. It will soon be time to start re-assembling the machine, if we can find the pictures of how it went together.

Next week will see us giving the site a good tidy up, ready to receive visitors on New Year's Day when the MAC has its annual social gathering to walk off the seasonal excesses.

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