Bearing Problem
26th April 2007

The main bearing from by the wheel.

Colin and Headley worked on the waterwheel, fitting back plates in place while Martyn worked on fitting the timber fillet above the new window frame. John made more progress with the new steps above the side of the waterwheel and Richard mixed mortar and cleaned up old bricks.

Dave dug out a drainage channel down the north side of the mill and used the spoil to infill the roadway either side of the PTO shaft trench.

Max returned to re-laying the brick floor inside the mill. The part of the floor under the steps up to the working floor had subsided so he dug all the old bricks out to make up the level. The floor stops where it meets the timber bearer for the inside waterwheel bearing and as he cleared away the bricks and soil Max realised that the timber had suffered the effects of time and damp. The weight of the waterwheel is supported on a couple of inches of rotten timber.

The main bearing resting on rotten timber.

A quick discussion over lunch about this bearing problem came up with a solution. Raise the wheel and shaft with jacks, cut out the rotten timber and insert a new piece of oak. Then let the whole lot back down again. Easy when you say it fast, but we are going to have to do it before we can try running the wheel under water power.

This has to be a short report because Richard left soon after lunch. He had heard rumours of free Guinness tomorrow in Dublin and was determined to check it out.

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