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Watermill Blog -  Many Hands
31st July 2008

We had almost every team member on site this Thursday and most of them got involved in more than one task.

long brush

Bob constructed a long handled paint brush to reach the top of the stack pipe. This now looks quite smart in black.

Derek and Dick did some gardening, cutting the grass and generally tidying up. Max and Headley worked on the reinforcing plates for the great spur gear.

John and Jonathan carried on with the stepped path towards the roadway. This must be nearing completion because it cannot extend beyond the edge of the road!

Dave, Martyn and Colin had another look at the joint in the middle of the PTO shaft and the siting of the bearings. This crude universal joint is the subject of a great deal of discussion and almost all of the team have got involved in one way or another. 

checking the fit

Richard made a bit more progress with the construction of the new tun.

With the top of the casing complete it was time to check that it fitted over the millstones.

We all gathered around the PTO shaft and offered opinions at various times during the day. No firm conclusions had been reached by the end of the day so we will have to wait until the new bearings are ready before we find out if it really will work.

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