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20th March 2008

This is edition of our watermill blog is dedicated to Derek who celebrated his 75th birthday today.

hedge planting

Derek has done nearly all of the landscape work around the mill, clearing the ground of weeds and scrub.

Today, for a change, he was planting bushes to form a hedge of Portuguese Laurel.

He did have help from other team members, but they declined to be photographed in case their wives realised that they were capable of gardening!

The rest of the team today was made up of Martyn, Colin, Richard, Max, Headley and Dick. They all continued tasks started earlier.

Martyn and Colin completed making the template for the hurst post repair and checked it out against all the other timbers.

Max repaired a section of floor that had appeared sound until someone trod on it. This is always going to be a problem with the "low traffic" areas where we do not want to disturb the original timber without good cause.

birthday cake

Dick did some more assembly work on the chaff cutter and also managed to release the outer end bearing for the PTO shaft from its socket in the wall. He has taken this home to clean it up.

Headley got his gas torch out and did a final straightening job on the outer section of PTO shaft that we have removed to the workshop. We all appreciated the heat as it was another cold day.

Richard has finished fitting new glazing bars to one of the front windows and made a start on a second window.

All of the team enjoyed Derek's birthday cake which had seven and a half candles, one for each decade. Lighting the candles was a bit tricky in a draughty barn but he blew them all out in one puff.

Happy Birthday, Derek, and thanks for all the landscape work you have done.

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