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Watermill Blog -  Glazing
13th March 2008

This entry in our watermill blog has to report the efforts of a select team. There were only four of us until lunchtime.

taking panes

Martyn, Colin, Richard and Dick were joined by Max as we got back to work after our break.

Martyn arrived with a number of panes of glass and a tub of putty so he and Colin made a start on glazing one of the windows.

The learning curve appeared to be quite steep and only two panes were fixed in place by the time we decided to call it a day. Hopefully they will get quicker with practise because there are thirteen more panes on this side of the mill and another twelve on the side facing the Court House.

To be fair, they did get distracted when Max arrived and spent part of the day helping him with the repair of the sack hoist pulley.

Richard got to grips with repairing the glazing bars in the first of the windows from the front of the mill.

old glazing bars

These are quite delicate and beautifully jointed. The picture shows an old joint that has survived the years of neglect.

We have a supply of  newly made glazing bars that exactly match the originals and Richard has found that the joints are not too difficult to reproduce but need care and accuracy.

Its is going to take several working days to repair all the front windows so Colin and Martyn have plenty of time to practise their glazing skills.

Dick worked quietly on re-assembling the chaff cutter, only slightly hampered by a lack of electricity. The power supply to the hill was cut off while work was being done so it was hand tools only for most of the day although we did tap into the local builders generator for part of the afternoon.

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