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Watermill Blog -  Another Milestone
17th June 2008

It was a select team today with only Martyn, Kim, Jonathan and Richard on site. In spite of this a fair amount of work got done and at least one milestone achieved.

spur gear patch

Martyn and Kim concentrated on the repairs to the great spur gear, inserting an oak patch into the woodwork.

Ultimately this patch, and any others that are needed, will be held in place by applied steel plates on the top and bottom surfaces of the gear.

This should strengthen the decayed wheel enough to allow for light running of the stones but would probably not hold together if we tried any serious flour milling.

Outside the mill, a job that was started on the 13th March this year was finally finished today, well almost.

double casement installed

Richard has been replacing the glazing bars in the two casement windows to the right of the front door since then and the job has suffered delays from holidays and health issues but the finished result is just about worth the wait.

Kim and Martyn eased the repaired frame into place and Jonathan bricked it in. Richard then fixed the casements into the frame using the original method, nails.

Hopefully the window on the other side of the front door won't take quite as long to repair, three months to fix a window is a bit much. Mind you we haven't glazed it yet!

north steps

Jonathan spent the majority of his day re-setting the brick steps that lead up and out of the basement door. He must have the patience of a saint because Martyn and Kim were stepping over or round him every few minutes.

Even with all the interruptions he had made a good job of it by the end of the day.

With only a couple of light showers it was a pretty good day all round, and the four of us went home well satisfied.

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