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Water Mill Blog - 29th November 2007 Planning Meeting

This Water Mill Blog is read by many people, some of whom have a professional interest in the project. The local Planning and Conservation authorities for example.

We had a site meeting today with a representative from the County Council and one from Malvern Hills District Council, both of whom had concerns about the work being done with particular reference to the listed building status of the mill.

Together with Tim Booth of the Midland Mills Organisation they had a good look around inside the mill before we all sat down in a very cold barn to discuss the way ahead.

It was agreed that the mill will almost certainly become a listed building in its own right in the near future and it may well be regarded as curtilage listed as part of the Court House complex at the moment.

Repairs to a listed building do not need any permission or approval but any changes do need consent before the work is done. Adding railings beside the steps outside the mill would be a change and will need permission but replacing the buckets in the waterwheel with replicas of the originals is a repair and doesn't.

To avoid problems and confusion in the future we have agreed to keep the authorities informed about our work plans so that they can advise us of any permissions we need before work is done. They are also going to investigate ways of getting the building recorded in detail at no cost to the Mill Society..

mince pies

After the meeting the team took lunch and then dispersed to a number of tasks. Richard, John and Headley left to take up domestic duties while Martyn, Dave and Max continued the work on the hay loft floor.

Once more, this Water Mill Blog has to record the high quality skills of Mrs Dave who provided a quantity of mince pies. They were delicious and a reminder that this is our last working day in November. Only three weeks to the shortest day!

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