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Water Mill Blog - Planning Ahead
13th December 2007

The ground alll round the water mill was well frozen when we arrived this Thursday but Tuesday's bonfire was still smouldering and was soon burning brightly again.

Martyn and Richard carried on from where they left off on Tuesday, working on the hay loft floor. Good progress was made and another section of new flooring was finished by the afternoon.

Dick and Max completed the work they started last week improving the repair to the floorboards in the mill. The new wood now matches the old for width and thickness but has not yet acquired the patina of age that the old boards have.

To protect the repair from the weather we have carefully pinned plastic sheeting over the windowa to keep the rain out. The window frames are going to be repaired rather than replaced so it was important to avoid any further damage to them..

planning the railings

Both John and Headley declared that it was too frosty to do their usual tasks so they joined forces with Dave to do some planning ahead.

There were no signs of any railings on the old walls as far as we could tell but we will need to add some for safety's sake.

As this is a change we will need Listed Building Consent before we can proceed and we will also be trying to get some grant aid for cost as well. All good reasons for planning ahead and getting the design sketched out.

The fact that it meant they could stay close to the bonfire was just a bonus.

Dick has been working on the chaff cutter, taking a few parts home to work on each time he comes and bringing them back cleaned up and re-painted. The parts done so far suggest it will look very good when it is all done.

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