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Hanging Gates - Watermill Blog
31st March 2009

A good sized team met on the last day of March in pleasant Spring weather. As it has been for the last few weeks the majority of the team spent the day pointing up the brickwork.

The highlight of the day was the final hanging of the new front gates.

While John continued to find and repair rotten brickwork inside the stable and Max, Bob, Finton and Jonathan all pointed brickwork Colin and Martyn put the finishing touches to the new gates.

The hinge pintles were already in place on the gate-posts after a trial session last week so it was a case of securing the last of the gate furniture and lifting them into place.

They look very smart but we do need the two holly trees either side of the gates to grow a bit bigger as it is easier to walk round the hanging gates than to open them at the moment.

Tony continued his planting   work alongside the stream behind the Bird Barn.

The first tea break was improved by a donation of rock  cakes from Drene and this was followed up at lunchtime by Hot Cross Buns dropped off by John Spencer. Thank you  to both of you.

Inside the mill, Jim carefully dismantled the tun from the downstream pair of stone, saving the parts that are fit to be re-used. In general the hardwood has survived and the softwood is too worm-eaten to  save. There are a couple of bits of softwood that are OK so these will be re-used when we re-construct the tun.

Jim and Richard made a list of the timber they would need and made a trip to Hillend Sawmill to get a quote. A brief haggle and the order was placed. This should ensue that work on this tun can continue next week. 

The new grass in the farmyard is greening up well and we have noticed the Grey Wagtails are back and apparently nesting in the stone wall beside the stream.

The car park field is currently home to a flock of sheep together with many small lambs. Their antics ought to bring a smile to any face. 

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