Centre-post work.

Bearing Pin

Max cleaned up the top bearing of the centre-post ready for re-fitting, while Headley and Martyn cleaned the pin at the bottom and took careful measurements so that we can reassemble everything in line.

The photo shows the pin at the bottom of the centre post. This is all that supports what amounts to a whole tree-trunk and lets it rotate freely on its bronze block. No ball or roller bearings and lubrication from whatever grease is in the bearing. This is 19th Century technology at is best. It works, it needs little maintenance, why change it?

Dave was exiled to the pool to clear some trees (I'm making no comment about chainsaw chains) after he and Martyn had made some progress with roofing over the tailrace. Richard continued to make a lot of noise chipping rust off the waterwheel.

A couple of times during the day we had a tiny visitor, a shrew. This tiny creature is much smaller than the mice we have occasionally seen, only a couple of centimetres long excluding the tail. I tried to get a photo but it was always too quick.

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