Why a web-site?

We get lots of compliments for this web-site, very pleasant but not entirely justified. A lot of the credit for the site must go to our web hosts, Solo Build It, who make it easy for us to concentrate on what we do best.

It has to go without saying that we are all enthusiastic about restoring the mill, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it, but it is going to cost a fair amount of money to do the job properly.

Money then is one reason for this site. Not the only reason of course, like all enthusiasts we think everyone wants to know about what we are doing. The visitor numbers to the site tell us that there are a lot of people who do want to read about the restoration of the mill so we aren’t completely wrong!

So, how do we make money with a web-site about an old watermill? There are two basic methods of monetisation, to give the process of making money a fancy name. We could sell some kind of product or we could sell advertising space. Click here to see a very brief outline of how this can work.

Selling advertising space sounds like it might need a great deal of effort and expertise but it doesn’t have to be like that. Click here for an intro to Google Adsense, just one method of simple monetisation.

A second monetisation method is known as ‘affiliate links’. If you have clicked on either of the links above you have already experienced an affiliate link. You have been diverted to another site in a way that makes the sender, in this case ShelseyWatermill.com, identifiable so that we can get commission on any purchase you might make on the linked site.

The whole idea, including the tools that make it easy to build a web-site like ours can be seen by clicking here for the quick tour.

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