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Watermill Blog -  Window Fitting
31st January 2008

In spite of some wild weather this watermill blog is able to report more progress with the jobs that have kept us occupied for the last few sessions. We have also had a delivery of two large pieces of oak that we need to repair the hurst.


Colin and Headley finished fitting the reinforcing plates to the large beam in the stable and have now removed the prop that we put under the weak spot.

This encouraged several of us to do a bit of cleaning up and we actually found some clear floor under all the rubbish!

Dave finished the repair to the inside of the hay-loft wall, re-laying some of the bricks and inserting helibar across the crack. Once he had finished that job he had a look around the farm buildings and noticed an old door that looked just about the right size to fir the doorway between the two parts of the hay-loft.

nice old door

A quick measure suggested it could have been made for the job so it was quickly hauled upstairs and hung.

A first glance would suggest that it come from this doorway originally as the hinge pintles are exactly right, but there is no hasp on the pillar for the hook on the door to connect with so perhaps not.

The same picture shows the floor is nearly finished, with only a couple more planks to go down. Jonathan worked on this all morning and would have finished except that he leave early. The floor in the top of the mill also received attention today as Max continued to repair the rotten planks.

Max is taking great pains not to disturb the grain bins as these have not suffered from decay, but it is tricky because the bins are built on top of the flooring he is trying to repair.

Dick has started to re-assemble the chaff cutter that used to be in the hay-loft. Over the last few weeks he has been taking parts home, cleaning and re-painting them and bringing them back. He still has a few bits to sort out but it is going to look very good when it is finished.

refitting windows

John re-fitted the first window that has been repaired, making good the brickwork around it as well. It looks a lot better then when it came out.

Richard worked on the repair of the other window, making a new bottom rail to replace the original which had almost completely rotted away.

The centre bar had also decayed at the bottom and needed a patch inserted. By the end of the day the whole window was ready to be re-fitted, but that can wait until next week.

Finally an apology from the webmaster for the late posting of this watermill blog. He was distracted by the arrival of a new grandson at 18:47 this evening, eleven days ahead of schedule. Mother and baby both well.

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