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Watermill Blog -  Underfloor Repairs
14th February 2008

It was a small but select team today at Shelsley Watermill. This watermill blog entry can report steady progress with tasks that have been going on for quite a while.

underfloor working

Max and Dave worked on the repair of the top floor inside the mill.

The sides of the grain bins are sound and we are not moving them, so new boards are slid underneath.

The picture shows Max guiding the repair from below while Dave feeds it in from above.

In the absence of any bricklaying to do, John spent the day sorting and moving old bricks and tufa stone. He had to leave early but managed to clear the bank alongside the steps of all the masonry rubble. Derek will be pleased with the result.

Dick arrived with a second hand woodworking vice he had bought at a bargain price. He had to modify the workbench a bit to get it to fit but we now have a very useful addition to the workshop.

The last member of today's team, Richard, used his time completing the ten mortices in the new bottom rail for the large ground floor window. Everyone seemed impressed by the result but the test will be how well it all fits together.

The weather was grey and cold all day and enthusiasm waned quite early in the afternoon. Even so it was after 4:30 before the last of us left for home, bringing the day to a close

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