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Watermill Blog -  Plated Beam
29th January 2008

Seven team members arrived this Tuesday and continued jobs from last week, providing material for this watermill blog.

plated beam

Colin and Headley made good progress with the plated beam, bolting the drilled plates either sid eof the beam.

They had a few problems lining up holes and they haven't yet tidied up the square washers under the bolt heads but we should be able to remove the prop on Thursday.

Derek spent the day removing ivy and dead wood from the hedge on the north side of the watermill. Most of the dead wood is the result of ivy strangling the bushes it is climbing over.

Kim and Jonathon removed the decayed boards from the last bay in the hay-loft and managed to get most of the area re-boarded by the end of the day. Apart from replacing one more hatch the floor should be completed on Thursday.

Outside the stable, the local builder's workers were putting up the guttering. They are using the same design as the mill and it should look very good when it is done. They are working faster than we did when we did the same job on the mill but they have the advantage of having a scaffold tower.

John and Richard removed a second window frame from the mill for repair. This one is slightly worse than the first but is repairable and Richard made a start on the woodwork while John repaired the brickwork around the window.

The brickwork below the window was very loose and it looks as though the decay in the woodwork had allowed water to penetrate the brickwork. Frost then breaks up the mortar and the whole thing gets unstable. John removed all the loose bricks and then re-laid them using lime mortar.

That's about it for this watermill blog. We went home tired but content at around half past four.

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