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Watermill Blog -  New Machinery
12th August 2008

The team split up today, with Martyn, Colin, Bob and Headley travelling to pick up a donation. This was a large section of line-shafting, complete with pulleys, and a winnower.


The winnower hasn't been dated yet but this type of machine was first used in the middle of the 19th Century to clean grain by removing the chaff and other debris. This particular example is hand cranked, although the handle is missing.

We will have to do a bit of research, but it does look as though the machine is largely intact and shouldn't be too difficult to bring back to working order. It is probable that the mill did have its own winnower at one time, possibly driven from the crown wheel, but we have no proof of this. Even so it is good to have one to show.

Outside the mill the stepped path got a bit closer to completion as John and Jonathan laid the footings for the wide top step. Just for a change this entailed them dodging the rain showers.

The reinforcement for the great spur gear also neared completion as Kim did the final trimming of the sheet steel to fit between the spokes, with a bit of help from Richard and Finton on occasions.

root shredder plate

Finton made an excellent start on dismantling the root shredder that needs to be re-located. 

It has to be moved as it currently occupies a corner of what will be the MAC offices and is in the way. We did attempt to lift it in one piece a few weeks ago but it is too heavy.

We are photographing the stages of the dismantling so that we can put it back together when we have decided upon its new home. A good clean and even a lick of paint wouldn't come amiss either.

Richard seems to have spent his day taking a few photos and making encouraging noises to everyone else, although he did some quite a lot of time examining the machinery of the winnower.

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