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10th June 2008

This Tuesday saw Martyn, Kim, Jonathan, John and Richard enjoying bright sunshine and warm dry weather as they spent another day working on bringing the watermill back from the brink of terminal decay.

Martyn and Kim tried to make a patch for the great spur gear but found that we did not have any suitable sized timber to hand. Dimensioned sketchs were drawn so this problem should be overcome quite soon.

Jonathan spent the day tidying up odd bricklaying jobs, finishing by setting the last few coping bricks on the wall at the pool end of the waterwheel pit.

John made a new bottom rail for the double casement window frame from the front of the mill. This proved to be relatively simple to do, so after lunch John joined Kim and Martyn.

Richard worked on the glazing bars of the same casement windows, a job that he started many weeks ago. The joints between these fancy profiles are fiddly to make but some progress was made today.

millstone doorstep

When Martyn and Kim realised that they could get no further with the repair to the great spur gear they turned their attention to the small courtyard outsid ethe front door of the mill.

Several trailer loads of hardcore and then pea gravel were loaded up, driven round to the front of the mill and then shovelled out again. John joined the pair of them after lunch, but even with three it was warm work on one of the warmest days we have had so far this year.

The millstone outside the door is worn to almost wafer thinness and probably cracked when it was first laid. Even so it looks smart surrounded by clean gravel.

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