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Our First No Show
20th November 2007

We suffered our first no show today. It was supposed to be another working day on the restoration but no-one turned up, apart from the webmaster.

The weather forecast was for heavy rain, which would at least wash away the lingering remains of the weekend snow.

One team member is known to be on holiday in Spain and another is tied up on domestic duties but a complete absence of volunteers has never happened before.

Hopefully it is just the weather that has put people off. It would be a shame to lose volunteers to other projects when there is still so much to do.

We could even have worked all day in the dry because today's plan was to start replacing the floor in the hay loft. The new floor boards are already up there and we have light and power so we could have been almost comfortable.

However, our number one safety rule is that a minimum of two people must be on site before any work is done and the webmaster waited around until nearly 11 o'clock and then went home.

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