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Dry Stone Wall - Watermill Blog
14th October 2008

Jonathan had a go at building a dry stone wall today with a lot of help and encouragement from Bob and Dick.

We have a number of jobs that are waiting on materials or technical advice so we almost had more people than work today.

There has been a slippery, weed covered, slope between the stable barn and the steel barn so the trio decided to try something new.

The stone was dotted around outside the stable barn and needed to be moved anyway to make way for the MAC's renovations of the farmyard. A small amount of digging squared of the slope and the wall was built.

John kept busy with limewash while Kim prepared more walls for painting by brushing them down. Kim also spent time making packing pieces for line shaft bearing blocks.

Richard had another go at reproducing a pair of bearing shells in wood. This was the most successful attempt yet but it is now obvious that the shells would be too fragile to use. We had lengthy discussion about what to do and resolved to try a couple of ways of casting new shells for ourselves.

Colin and Headley now have all the line shaft that we need mounted on brackets and lined up. This takes the line shaft into the second and larger hay loft.

The plan is to drive the chaff cutter and the beet shredder from the line shaft with both machines being sited at ground level where they can be easily seen.

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