Distraction for our webmaster

Distracted Webmaster

Our webmaster suffered from a serious distraction today at Shelsley Watermill. Instead of making notes of what everyone was doing to report in these pages he got carried away playing with the JCB.

In the circumstances it is a good job that we only had a small team consisting of Martyn, Colin, Adam and Richard. Headley came to check up on progress, but is still convalescent so was not able to work.

Adam took a day’s holiday to make the top penstock valve from two oak planks. These are now joined and shaped and the finished article really must be photographed before it disappears underwater but the webmaster and photographer was otherwise engaged.

Colin and Martyn probably discussed what work should be done while Martyn is away and Martyn certainly drove the tractor to remove all the spoil that Richard was clearing with the JCB, four loads in all.

Richard’s only excuse for this dereliction of duty is that the owner of the JCB would like it back. As a result we are trying to get all the digger jobs done and Richard does have experience, albeit thirty-five years ago, of excavation and earth moving. The last diary entry teased Dave for not wanting to stop when he was driving the digger. Well, Richard might just have to apologise because it was almost dark by the time he was persuaded to stop. Even lunch was only a short distraction from playing with such a wonderful toy. Almost the most fun to be had with your clothes on. The most fun involves four wheels, a powerful engine and hilly roads. We are all MAC members after all.

Round the corner from the mill the farmyard outside the long barn has now been cleared of the building rubble and suddenly looks much bigger. The contractor also cleared some of the mill rubble away at the same time, so thanks for doing that are due.

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